Thursday, 11 November 2010

Garden to Table

Broad bean & Bacon risotto

Our garden is producing lots {and lots} of broad beans right now; and as previously mentioned, I did rustle up some yummy recipes to try. So far we've eaten quite a lot of our beans and i'm no where near sick of them... it may be due to all of the different meals that you can create.

The Risotto above was tonights dinner, and it tasted just as good as it looked, and included both broad beans and sage from the garden.

Broad Bean Bruschetta

Cam made us this gorgeous bruschetta for lunch one weekend, and it was a veritable delight of flavours. The broad beans, tomato salsa, pancetta & parmesan. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Broad Bean FalafelBroad Bean Falafel Wraps

This mish-mash above is, in fact, broad bean falafel; admittedly not all that great to look at, but when wrapped up with some greek style yogurt, diced tomato & cucumber, and some store bought salsa {or my Mum's magic tomato sauce ~ which unfortunately we have run out of} is the perfect 'Friday Night Take-away Equivalent'. As an added bonus, the falafel is freezable, so it's a good way to hold some {broad beans} over.

We've also been enjoying the beans raw, tossed in salads, and steamed alongside our standard 'three-veg'... so now that I've discovered that I do actually like broad beans, they have become so much more that the 'green manure' crop that they were originally intended for.

So tell me, how do you eat your broad beans? ... is there more fabulous recipes that I should be trying while I have the chance?