Monday, 22 November 2010

the party scene

first birthday cake

sublime decorations

the finishing touch

passing the parcel

hunting treasure

party fun

Julia's baby girl turned 1 last week, and over the weekend we were lucky enough to attend her very first birthday party... once my eldest came out of his shell, we were all able to enjoy an excellent afternoon.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not at all judgemental about how people choose to decorate their houses for a party {or not, as the case may be} but I couldn't help but be totally awestruck at the beautiful decorating that my friend had done to her home {on top of inviting so many people into it!} there were tissue pom-poms suspended around the ceilings, together with little paper garlands, the dessert table was so stunning that every parent was actively directing their child away from it {so that it would stay looking so gorgeous for just a little longer!} there were tasty morsels set up on another table outside, with strategic seating nearby to entice the adults present, and there was cheerful, hand-made bunting everywhere... her house looked so amazing!*

On top of that, my friend was the perfect party host ~ re-introducing those who hadn't met for a long time, making sure that everybody was well assimilated, fed and had drink in hand; hosting the party games; giving lots of affection and cuddles to the {estimated} 24 children that were tearing around her {immaculate} house; making small talk with every friend {and partner} that was there... it was beautiful to watch.

So thank you Julia for providing the highlight of our weekend, my kids had a blast {and you made it so easy to entice them out of the door with the party bags} and I had such a nice afternoon. You did a gorgeous job, and your babies 1st birthday was perfect.

Happy Birthday Issy!!

* I know that the hosts sister was taking lots of photos, so hopefully, fingers crossed, Jules will put together a beautiful blog post soon {although I will totally understand if she needs to lie down and sleep for a week first...}