Wednesday, 24 November 2010

thinking it through

hanging out

With only one month of shopping to go, I've been putting some thought into Christmas presents for this year... while I do love Christmas, I tend to love the gathering of family, and the eating of food. I'm much more ambivalent about the gifts, although I did love the excitement of the presents as a child and appreciate that a lot of the magic of Christmas for my kids is about finding all those toys presents under the tree in the morning.

So I've found myself really thinking about what I want to get for my kids this year; they have beautiful quality toys {dollhouses, farmhouses, train sets, car garages, blocks and books} that are all still going strong, and I really don't want to fill up their stockings with some plastic-fantastic things that are going to be broken in five minutes flat, I also don't want to spend a fortune on toys just for the sake of it, and I can appreciate that while my kids are sorely in need of summer clothes and shoes, that would be pretty boring for them come Christmas morning.

So what to do?

preparing for christmas

I remembered that I had this raw door waiting patiently in the cupboard, ready for transforming into a fairy door. So I've decided to paint it up and have it installed on Christmas morning {hopefully with a family of fairies all ready to take up residence...} so hopefully that will create some magic... I'm thinking a new hairbrush for Daisy {and a new year's resolution for me to brush her hair more that once a week, I know. I know!}, a new lego kit {or two} for Angus because he loves it and is good at it, and maybe a table and chair for Mia because she is so into scribbling drawing right now.

So I keep reminding myself, I still have a month to go... so I am sure that a few more appropriate and thoughtful gift ideas will occur to me if the coming weeks; and if not then hopefully they will appreciate the few things that they do find under the tree.