Saturday, 27 November 2010

this week :: in the garden

barefoot gardening

I've found myself out in the garden a lot this past week. On Monday, while cutting back and starting to remove my broad beans, I discovered that the soil was so, so dry. That may explain why my beans were looking so sad; so I vowed to find the time to get out into to the garden and give it some loving.

bed 2 getting some loving

On Tuesday I raced around getting sheep manure, compost {my next batch is not quite ready} and lucern. Then while Mia was asleep I removed the rest of the beans, and sectioned off one plant, so that it can fully mature and provide me with some seed to store for next years crop... unfortunately while hammering in a stake with the back of the axe, I missed and copped myself a beauty in the back of my hand. Well that put stop to anymore gardening that day!

On Wednesday, with my hand back in action, I dug over the top 10-20cm of bed 2, and incorporated the sheep manure and lucern. I'll turn it in a week, then probably spread 10cm of compost and plant it out in a couple of weeks.

circa 17 October 2010
taken 17 October 2010 varieties can be seen here


circa 3 October 2010 sneaky strawberries
taken 3 October 2010 :: now massively overgrown and fruiting

On Thursday I found the time to enjoy some of the fruits of my labours, and we enjoyed quite a few strawberries directly from the garden, and then I decimated my little spinach plants for a spinach and gorgonzola risotto for dinner.

bed 1 :: tomato, onion, rocket, spinach & lettuce

Friday saw me showing off my {very impressive} spanish onions to a friend, planting some more spinach seed {because five plants just isn't going to be enough} and taking on board the suggestion that I may need to pinch out my tomato plants {already} and tying said plants higher up their stakes.

tomato plant


Then today, I felt the draw of the damp grass and headed out bare foot {my favourite} to pinch out my tomato plants, spy on my strawberries progress, and {re}plant some capsicum seeds, which will be living on the kitchen window sill in the hope that capsicum seedling mark II will be more successful that my first effort a month ago.

capsicum seeds, take 2

So now you tell me, what's happening in your garden?