Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas 2010

christmas 2010

A late{ish} decision found us hosting Christmas this year, so it was with only a few weeks to spare that I really got into the spirit of things ~ you've seen some of the decorations that we've made, but I also made meters and meters of garland for the dining room, lounge, and A&D's room {at A's request}. The garland was made using white paper, red card, and some recycled paper, circles all cut with a 1¾"punch; they were all then sewn together on the machine with red thread on top and white in the bobbin... a very fun activity for all of us {the older kids put the circles under the foot of the machine while I manned the peddle}.

Come Christmas eve, the halls were decked {in a manner of speaking} the presents were wrapped, and we were right to go... I'd had so much fun in the lead up that I mentioned to Cam that I was a little disappointed that Christmas was here already, I could have kept this up for another week or two, I'm sure.

so many presents

When we awoke on the 'day' any melancholy was quickly forgotten as the excitement from our little ones was almost palpable. They were so good about waiting until Nanna and Grandpa arrived though, but as soon as they were given the all clear, the all encompassing unwrapping began... and it was fun! So many presents, and such happy kids, exactly what my Christmas was like as a child.

she thinks it's hers too.

After the presents were opened, things calmed down a notch, and we spent a pleasant day with family. We were able to christen our new dining table {which seated 8, and all of the Christmas food, comfortably} while the kids christened Mia's new 'kid table' with their lunch.

christmas lunch