Sunday, 5 December 2010

the complete write-up {be warned!}

secret entrance

We went to the best party today!

One of the girls in Daisy's kinder class invited all of the girls to her 4th birthday at Fairyfields, the invitation said to come dressed as a fairy {I checked, only kids need dress up *wink*} ... considering that Daisy had also attended a kids party yesterday, I decided to keep it from her until we were in the car {and her brother & sister safely in the other car, heading on a fun adventure of their own}.

When we got there, we walked in to find a little retail shop it had a table for six up the front, and was filled to the rafters with fairy paraphernalia and quite a selection of other toys {but primarily fairy stuff, costumes, books, bags, you-name-it...} up the very back was a mirror... so I'm standing there thinking, good-lord where are they going to fit a kids party in here, and all the Mum's {this could be very interesting}

After having a browse around the shop, and awaiting most of the other little fairies guests, the kids were rounded up by a big fairy who took them for a little walk around the store to the magic mirror {i'm still thinking, is this it?...} then she brought the kids over to stand near me and says "can anyone see something big and purple?" {the kids all look around blankly, and I'm looking at the lady-fairy in the purple dress behind the counter, thinking is that the big purple thing?!?} ... again she says, "can anyone see something big and purple?" {?} then she turns around and against the wall is a big purple gentlemans wardrobe {don't know how I missed that} so she's got the gaggle of fairies all waving their fingers around and saying 'magic' words and she opens the door to the wardrobe...

through the closet door

Lo-and-behold {and on the second opening, first time the magic didn't work!}{!} there is a couple of red carpeted stairs and you can walk through the wardrobe into a secret hallway behind...

in the secret hallway

So in creep all of the fairies, and sit down in the hallway for a little chat... next thing the big fairy lead them into a gorgeous 'enchanted forrest' where they all sit down on wooden logs, completely taken with all of the amazing details around them...


fairy chamber

I left them at this point, but I believe that there were fairy stories and games being had... meanwhile I was out the front buying a few fairy treasures of my own {they may, or may not, appear under the tree in a few weeks} and enjoying a fruit platter and a chat with the other Mum's {at that table at the front of the store}...

party food

By the time that I joined them again, they had moved on to the 'undersea garden' where they were enjoying party food and a few simple games... all of the kids were still so quiet and mesmerized {maybe the big fairy had used her magic? ~ apparently they had all waggled their fingers again to change the lemonade from clear to pink ~ ooooohhh}... they also sang the birthday song and enjoyed the cake... soon though it was time for the big fairy to move them along...

hidden door

to a secret door that lead into a secret tunnel...

what's there?


and down a slide out to the {you guessed it} ... fairy garden!

fairy garden


There was a running around game where they all found the treasure that was hidden, then they all went looking and found the big treasure chest, which was filled with chocolate {gold} coins and each child was given one by the party girl... they then threw their gold wrappers into the well {genius!} and made a wish... then is was time to finish up and they were all lead back through the magic hallway and back into the shop ready for their party bags and good-byes.

Dear me! I think that I had nearly as much fun as Daisy {and I feel about four years old}, and if you are local and have kids in the right age range {they offer boy parties too} then I can highly recommend... it was 'super cool' and {when compared to the price of having a party at home, monetary, mentally and physically} it was really reasonably priced... I can see another party here sometime in my future.

If you are so inclined, there is a little video here to give you a better idea of the party room lay-out...