Wednesday, 15 December 2010

gifts for our kinder friends

oh why oh why do I always leave my teachers gifts until the last possible moment?... I've had the idea for months but when I sat down yesterday afternoon to execute the idea... disaster! I wanted to make little zippy pouches with hand-draw pictures on the lining by my kids, but it just didn't happen... my pouches were too small and didn't fit the stationary that I had bought, and the kids were tired and grumpy and were in no mood to decorate the lining, all ready for gifting this morning. sigh.

christmas gifts

packing for friendstonight's job...

Certainly not all was lost though, I did make five dozen shortbread christmas trees... and packaged them, and wrote and attached gift cards {at knitting} for the lot. These were all distributed at kinder this morning, one for each kinder friend in Angus and Daisy's groups.

and while doing all this packaging, my mind was a whirr with ideas for last minute teachers gifts... saved by this amazing girls idea...

teacher gifts


Angus and Daisy drew a little picture for each of their teachers, then I made a couple of tiny 'pencils' for each bauble... I think that they came up beautifully, and hopefully each teacher will appreciate them too.

before :: awaiting my 'magic'after :: a little of my own 'magic'

Now I'm off to work a little more 'magic' on the rest of my house....