Tuesday, 21 December 2010


handmade star 2010

handmade snowflake

crochet star

handmade decorations

I decided to make all of the decorations for our tree this year, partly because our cheap and tacky baubles really have had their day, and partly because I wanted something that meant a little more to us as a family, and partly {enough already} because I loved the cover of the December issue of Country Style and decided that I could do something similar myself.



It's very easy, if you would like to try something similar yourself. A block of jovi air drying clay from spotlight {or riot} and some cookie cutters. I rolled out the clay, cut with the cutters and poked a hole through with a metal skewer... then I decorated some of them with the end of a ball point pen {minus the pen tip} and sat them flat on some baking paper to dry. I turned them every few hours, because they had a tendency to curl and after 2-3 days {it's been cold here} they were finally dry enough to sand the jaggy edges and coat one side with high gloss mod podge on some, and sparkle up some of the others with glitter. I used nylon quilting thread {or invisible thread} to hang them.

I'm very happy with my tree and hopefully all of the ornaments will store okay for future years.