Wednesday, 29 December 2010

summer holidays :: will the fish bite?

gone fishing

They have been bursting to go fishing for such a long time now, and all ideas of taking them to the pier at Mordi have come to nothing, so it was nice to see them all trundling off ready to drop a line in.

getting his line wet

waiting for a bit

I would love to say that they caught us dinner for that night {which was definitely what Angus' intention was} but alas, not a nibble. They did catch some rays, and were pretty good at standing there waiting for something to happen, but really we were just there for the experience {the serious fisher-types around here head out in the boat, or on the rocks at night when the tide is right, and they do bring in a tasty feed for dinner}

finding other distractions

While they were all busy, Mia and I found other things to entertain ourselves {clearly I was the one behind the camera}... and soon enough they'd had enough too and found their was in.

fishing done... now where's the fun?