Friday, 29 January 2010

Summer Holidays

I've been back since Monday and already I can feel my Summer Holiday feeling slipping away. I put off doing so many things during the month of January, but really it's all just on hold, not gone. I've come back and hit the ground running. I can already feel my neck tightening up, and I'm spending a lot of time thinking of all the things that I need to get done. Yes, the Summer Relaxed feeling is quickly becoming a distant memory.

But before I forget, here are some of the fun times that filled up my month away.


Rising early {some} mornings, early enough to see the beautiful sun-rise; and being lucky enough to also miss it many times while Cam got up and fed and entertained the little ones while I had a sleep in. Thank you honey!

hanging out

looks like she's wake-riding

sparklesexploringcollecting seaweed

still searching

any under here?

Lots of little adventures on the beach, as much as we wanted to stay for longer, Mia needed her three sleeps each day, and was really too young to spend much time in the harsh Aussie sunshine {especially with that gorgeous red hair and fair complexion}.

What little time we did get on the beach was used wisely, we spent time 'swimming', exploring, paddling in the rock-pools, searching for crabs, building sandcastles, and dancing {only me though, in a futile bid to get away from the march flies}.

speedy billy carter

billy carting

We spent much of our time hanging around at camp {while the littlest of our babies enjoyed her many daytime sleeps}.... but we were not idle. Angus took to riding the 'Billy Cart' with great gusto, and spent much time hooning down the hill to Nanna & Grandpa's camp. Daisy wasn't quite at his level, being a year younger and spent her time mastering the art of steering, looking where she was going, and remembering not to put her feet down ~ next year we'd better watch out! {especially if they find the bigger hills on the property}

lots of home grown

home grown

Grandpa's holiday vege garden

This year we got to enjoy the magic of a huge vegetable garden, compliments of my extremely talented {and freakily green thumbed} Dad. My kids ate many, many peas, which doesn't sound very exciting, but for me it was beyond exciting! Angus especially, never, ever, eats vegetables and to have him hightailing it down to the vege garden when Grand-pa was in there and scabbing fresh peas over the fence was just magic.

As well as that I got to enjoy much time pottering around in the garden, trying not to feel too much like a fraud. Seriously, it was gardening for just the easy parts, Dad had already done all the hard work, and all I had to do was harvest and eat. Bliss.

walking to the beachbush walkingbeach track

collecting cones

collecting firewood

We slipped away for many walks, around the property and down to the beach. We saw kangaroos, lizards, ducks and a couple of snakes and the kids got to enjoy many shoulder rides when their little legs got too tired, but the Pièce de résistance? being able to pee in the creek of course {kids only though, gotta love boys!}. They spent time collecting pine-cones for the shower, went on many motorbike rides with Grandpa either to collect firewood, or just for a look-see around the property, and spent time learning how to play board-games with Nanna.

Of course no holiday could really be complete without some, much needed, me time. I whiled away many an hour knitting, crocheting and reading. I only cooked a handful of meals while we were there, and was fortunate that Cam quickly stepped in to fill that breach {so we didn't starve}.

those teeth are popping up everywhere

snuggled upsleepinggrowing

just because she's pretty

bruiser face

Now I must confess, I'm not sure if Mia had the ultimate holiday experience, or her own personal hell... she spent most of her time either being held by someone, playing in the 'play-place-prison', or sleeping. After a few tries of letting he roll around on the ground, that resulted in her choking on bit of, well anything really, leaves, paper, you name it; we soon decided that the ground was not a safe place for her this year.

So instead of her rolling around everywhere, she entertained us with her funny faces {the best is the 'bruiser face' her equivalent of 'duck-face' I think} and lots and lots of talking. She also trained us all to stay away from her grabby-hands, man she has a grip on her and if she gets a hold on your hair, nose or skin, it hurts!



and the part that I will probably miss the most?... being able to put the kids down for their nightly sleep and being able to slip away for a walk with my husband. I don't think that I could even describe just how luxurious that was; being able to talk without interruption, sharing the same experience {at the same time} and having so many walking options. We could walk across the paddocks to the beach, along the beach, around the property, over the creeks, or even out the gate and up the road past the farms along the way. That I will definitely miss.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

just checking in...

another era?


I am just popping in briefly while we do our weekly shop in town.... Christmas {while it seems so far away now} was a BIG day with lots of presents, lots of lovely food, a couple of hours travel, then more presents with more family. The kids had a stella day, and that is all that I ask.

We've been enjoying trips to the beach, a very quiet new year, some sleep, and just enjoying having both parents around as well as a set of grandparents ~ again the kids think that this is the good life, and other than when Daisy melts down each afternoon and asks to go home we have been enjoying all of our time away.

You can have a look here if you would like to see some more photos of our time away so far...

See you again soon, Jo x