Friday, 26 February 2010


combined again...

I awoke this morning to the sound of my venetian blinds rattling, and when I looked up I saw my, very awake baby girl, with her hand out the side of her cot, playing with them. My first reaction was to think of a way to reconfigure our room layout so that she can't reach the blinds, but I quickly saw that really it's time for us to move her into her own room.

I've struggled with this before, not because I don't want her in her own room, but because we are a five-person-household with three bedrooms. Cam and I have been happy to share with Mia so that Angus and Daisy could have their own room, and the 'plan' is that Mia and Daisy will eventually share a room ~ but at this time, with Mia having so many daytime sleeps, and Daisy being ever so 'helpful' I am not that keen on having them share just yet.

So the next best thing? ... I spent my morning rearranging so that Angus and Daisy are sharing the big room once again, and Mia will be going into the smaller bedroom {as originally planned} although she will have one more night in our bedroom then tomorrow I will dismantle her cot and move it into the space in her new room.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

some things that i'm working on

a little something

growing vegetables


I have been working on lots of things of late, and I was inspired by this post to share a little of them here.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

house bound

We're home this week, a self-imposed quarantine I guess. At the beginning of the week it looked like Mia had German Measles, but as the week has gone on it appears that they have just picked up 'some virus', mostly because my two immunised children also have a mild case of whatever Mia had. There are dots, and fevers, and headaches {including me, but I feel more like I have a flu}. We've not been a particularly happy house either, they are feeling crummy, so are grumpy and loud, my head is pounding so their noise is like a cymbal in the midst of my brain... ouch!

Although I really did feel like a week off, I will be looking forward to kids at kinder again next week...

Monday, 22 February 2010


craft weekends

I just spent an excellent weekend at Rye for another, much anticipated, craft weekend. The organisation of this one wholey-and-soley to the credit of Leslie {I was much too busy disappearing down the coast to even help out!} So I've gotta say, thank-you so much Leslie!! The venue was fun, the sewing table was huge, the couches comfy and the wine chilled.... and that's not even mentioning the great company.

boy bibs taggies

I didn't have a big project to tackle this time, just some bits and pieces that I wanted to get finished, and even then I think I spent too much time talking and not enough sewing. Luckily my fellow crafters are able to chat, sew AND mother all at the same time, so I was able to watch them make their beautiful creations. Leslie made this beautiful quilt top, and just watching her put it together was so inspiring, she is so talented; Emily made some beautiful european pillow cases in the most lovely fabrics; and Julia just whipped together a gorgeous dolls quilt for her daughter {which I promise I will link too when/if she does a post on it}.


Check-out on Sunday was pretty early, so Jules and I were at liberty to entertain ourselves on the way home. Could we think of anything to do?.... of course not! I did mention as we were about to pass the Dromana exit ramp that I wouldn't mind dropping into Diggers, and luckily Jules was keen, so I did get the chance to supplement my seed stash.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

a quick knit

incidental knitting

Amongst all of the kinder runs, child raising, cleaning, laundry, dishes, gardening, etc... it's been a little hard to find some crafting time; but when my original knitted dishcloth finally gave up the ghost I did manage to fit in a row here and there to replace it, albeit with a much more simple garter stitch version.

Now back to the never-ending pile of dishes!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

it's no wonder that I have grey hair!

new hair

I took this photo this afternoon while all of my children were at childcare. It's our second week, and this week did go more smoothly than last week. A & D had a blast today, they are making friends and playing all day long. Mia is not. Last week I spent the four hours that they were there mooching around and feeling sorry for myself. This week I did that too, but only after I went and got a hair cut. Something that I can't do with three children in tow. I also went and looked around a linen and larder store, lots of pretty and breakable stuff, obviously something that would be hard to do with them. I am hoping that Mia will settle in with her new carers fairly soon, otherwise I'll defer her start for a while and she can come along with me while I have some 'me time' ... I am trying to stay open-minded, as many of my friends assure me that it will get better. My new hair-dresser burst my bubble and told me that I do, in fact, have plenty of grey hairs, they are just hard to see because of my hair colour. I brought one home with me, sort of like you keep a lock of your childs hair after their first hair-cut. Is that weird?...

Monday, 8 February 2010

My Garden

he's such a good helper

Something that I have been wanting to do for a while is get started on a vegetable garden of my own. A proper one. One big enough to grow enough vegetables for us. I've been pouring over the pages of this book since Christmas {when my children thoughtfully bought it for Cam as a gift} and came back from holidays totally inspired; especially after enjoying the 'fruits' of my Dad's garden.

The brick garden beds are a little too permanent for what we were looking to do, and funds {as usual} are a little tight, so I was delighted when my Uncle kept finding timber for us. It has been used as some sort of industrial packaging, but was just perfect to upcycle into a 2mx2m garden bed.

filling the garden bed

I spent Saturday morning banging together this 'box', and cleaning up a space in the driveway for my vegetable garden. I have moved our original {smaller} box {ie: Bed 1} closer to the front door, and have planted it up with herbs and some rocket. So far the bigger box {ie: Bed 3} has been filled with soil*, compost, worms and mulch, and will soon be planted out with vegetables.

There is enough space for another 2mx2m box between Bed 1 & Bed 3, when materials and time are permitting {soon I am thinking}.


So if I'm not within' cooee of my email or telephone, you can probably assume that I am happily pottering away outside in my vegie garden.

Ah, the serenity.

*please note, that other than filling the box with soil I did do everything else. I've spoken to the management around here about the lack of photo's showing me doing anything, and am hoping that this will be rectified. One day.

Friday, 5 February 2010

D's first day at kinder

first day


my first kinder painting 2010

play dough


song time

Need I say more?

As expected Daisy had a great time at her first kinder session. She asked all morning if it was time to go yet, then she took to it like a duck takes to water.

Well done Daisy for a flying start to the year!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A's first day at {4yo} kinder

first day

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't apprehensive about today's first session. I've learned my lessons well in the past year, and organised our 'chief baby-sitter' to watch D & M while I took A to kinder. But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

When we got in the car I asked A if he was ok to go to kinder like a big boy and he was quick to clarify that I would be staying with him today ~ "sure" I said. When we got there he was ok with hanging his back-pack on his new hook, and knew that he would be having new teachers.

We made our way into the room and chose an activity to do, after a minute or two I realised that A needed a toilet stop, so we calmly made our way over to utilise the facilities.... he was very comfortable with everything so far. He then chose a new activity to do.

making an octopus

He was so relaxed doing the stapling, talking about what he was doing... slowly the table filled with other children {some new faces and some that he knew from last year}, he finished one 'octopus' and gave it to me "this one is for you Mummy"; then he started on a new one.

I took the opportunity to tell him that I was going to put mine in his back-pack and would be back in a minute. When I returned I stood back a little and he was fine, then when I looked around I realised that most of the other Mums had already left... so I took a punt and told Angus that I needed to go home and check on Mia but I would be back for when he finished kinder. He was fine with that, so I said my good-byes and headed on out of there....

I am so proud of just how far he has come since we started kinder last year; my boy is growing up so much, and it suits him just fine.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Eight Months

eight months

Eight months today. We celebrated with an early morning jab in each leg followed by a measure and a weigh at the maternal nurse. Not that much fun hey?... we found out that your 'loose hips' are also 'A symmetrical' {whatever that means!?!} so we need to make an appointment with the doctor to see that everything is a-ok.

Some tid-bits about you at eight months ::

:: you've cut three teeth so far, two bottom ones and the top right incisor {the left is threatening too} ~ slightly out of order, and it means that you resemble your late great-grandfather a little.

:: you wave madly at us to say hello {but I can't seem to get a photo of that one}

:: you are 'talking' away ~ da da da da is by far your favourite, but you do say ma ma ma sometimes when you are crying.

:: your commando crawl is very fast and equally impressive.

:: you are still a finicky eater {although anything on the floor is fair-game}, you like your porridge for breakfast, take most of your 'milky' through the night, and definitely enjoy fruit and sweeter foods more than savoury foods.