Saturday, 27 March 2010

back soon

on holidays :: back soon

We're heading off for two weeks of solitude ~ I'm hoping to come back rested and ready to face term 2. I hope that you all have a happy and fun easter, I'm planning the best easter egg hunt yet ~ I'll share some photos when we get back.

Until then...

Friday, 26 March 2010

ice cream

felt ice cream cone

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream ~ as remembered by my 8 year old self.

felt ice cream

I have spent the last few (um, more like 6) weeks, slowly stitching together this little ice cream set. The cone itself took me a week of snatched moments where I slowly stitched together each crease. The ice cream balls took significantly longer ~ not for the first time, I was completely bamboozled by my japanese instructions.

felt peppermint choc chip ice cream

I forged ahead regardless, all-the-while asking friends "what do you think that this means" then thrusting a japanese instruction page under their nose. The most common response?... do you realise that this whole book is in Japanese?... "um yes, yes I do ~ and normally that is not a problem as the diagrams are so clear, BUT this one?... I have no idea"

felt strawberry ice cream

Eventually I asked my husband, and sure enough he had a different take on it to what I did. So I tried his idea, and it seemed to work quite well. It looks pretty close to what is in the book, just seems to use a few less pattern pieces. I went ahead and re-did them all with 'new and improved' bases; but I admit... I'm still a little dubious.

felt ice cream & waffle cone

I think that next time {and there will be a next time, because this set is about to be sent off to their new home}, next time I will be introducing some magnets into the design. Then we'll see who wants to stick around.

felt ice cream cone

If you're interested, the pattern can be found in this book.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

just a little more

camera pouch

camera pouch

I spotted this little cover recently while loitering around on Ravelry and thought that an adaption of it would be perfect for my little camera {that spends it's life in the bottom of my handbag}. It's knitted in 8ply so that it will provide slightly more protection from knocks. You can find the instructions here if you want to make one for your ipod or camera.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

boxy pouches

box pouch

Last night, after the children were safely tucked up in bed, and Cam had headed out, I found myself sitting in my hallway, in front of my craft cupboard, sifting my way through my fabric stash. There were many fabrics there that I had forgotten about, and others that I am waiting for just the right project.

bits and pieces

I spent a blissful hour sorting through my fabrics and notions and setting aside a little selection to make some box pouches, and then, even though it was much too late, I went right ahead a made one anyway, using this tutorial.

box pouch

It's a bit wonky, and I can see quite a few areas for improvements and embellishments, but for now I'm just happy that I made the time to sit down at my machine*; no doubt there will be more where this one came from.

playing with fabric

* more to share on this soon!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

february lady sweater

february lady sweater

My February Lady Sweater (free pattern here) is finally done, and just in time for the weather to start cooling off. I spent a day at home both Mia and I with head colds, and while family life flowed around me, I knitted (and knitted).

february lady sweater

Somewhere not far into the last sleeve I finally let go of my compulsion to check the stitch count every 21 to 28 stitches, I think that I was finally confident in my ability to un-knit any mistakes that I might make; and from there it came together very quickly.

february lady sweater

You may remember that this is my very first attempt at making a sweater for me, and I must say that this was much easier than I had anticipated. Once I mastered the stitch repeat there was nothing complicated about this pattern at all. I did have a little bit of trouble with the button holes way back when, but I have recently found this video that completely demystifies knitting one-row button holes.

february lady sweater

The yarn that I used is Malabrigo Worsted in Oceanos, a beautiful yarn which is super soft and really lovely against my skin. This sweater feels so incredible against my arms, that I just know that I'll be wearing it well before the weather gets really cool, because it just doesn't need an extra layer underneath; and the bonus? I was so careful to buy enough wool initially that I now have 3 spare skeins with which to knit something else (or many something elses?), and I still totally love that blue. Oh, and that sweater.

february lady sweater

Monday, 22 March 2010


love love love this

I spotted this cardigan on Ravelry last week and fell in love. Yes, I realise that I'm probably not quite ready to take on another adult size knit just yet, but after seeing this I think that it well be sooner rather than later that I am. Of course this magazine has been out in the states for a while and was seemingly sold out everywhere.

in my letter box

I googled a little closer to home and sure enough I was able to snag a copy from here...

i ♥ these

arm warmers...

and when it arrived in the post I was more than happy to see that there was more than one pattern that I will be knitting from it. I mean, have you seen those fingerless mittens? adorable and perfect. Now I just need to find somewhere that I can purchase Malabrigo Lace in my chosen colour...

Friday, 19 March 2010

trying to sit and knit

looking for new projects

on the home straight

next project :: queued

I have a head cold, and a sore hip - two sure signs that I have been trying to do too much. So for the last few days I have been trying to sit down more often and do some knitting {that said, I have still spent much time in the car doing kinder drop-offs, time on my feet doing dishes, cleaning, and the like...}. I did sit here last night and cast off the first sleeve of my february lady sweater, and started on the second ~ I feel like I am on the home straight. Finally.

So much so that I have already chosen my next project, downloaded the pattern, and ordered and received the yarn, now I just need. to. finish said sweater...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

and the lucky winner is ...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

after a long days play

ice-cream cones

From the time that they wake up on a Tuesday morning, one says "can I go to childcare yet?" {of course in that elongated whine that only 3.5yo children seem to perfect} and the other, "I don't want to go to childcare!" come drop-off time they are both happy to run off and play.

choc top

Of course, it's always nice to enjoy a choc-top* ice-cream cone at they end of a long hot day.

* and so easy to make, little flat-bottomed cones from the supermarket, a scoop of good quality vanilla or chocolate ice-cream rounded off on the top, dipped into a little bowl of ice-magic. easy!

Monday, 15 March 2010

circle work

circle work

While we were at camp over summer I spent some time making another 75 crochet circles for my sunburst afghan, at the time I remember that I got a little obsession going, just one more, just one more was my mantra. It was around that time that I realised that this blanket was only going to make it to cot size (for now anyway) and that it may have been a mistake making the blanket out of 4 ply, as soft and pretty as it is, each circle is just so very, very small.

After making the extra 75 randomly(ish) coloured circles, I then focused my energies into continuing to join it all together ... and then when I got home I packet it away for a while so that I could move on to my other on-going projects.

Well I don't know what possessed me, but this past weekend I finally pulled it out again and joined in the last five circles. It was looking good (if I may say so myself) and it seems that it's intended recipient also likes it, so I went ahead and compared it to a cot size quilt that I have... and as expected it was still a little too small.

Well I thought it was only a little until I did my math and worked out how many more circles were required to finish this blanket. Eighty-nine. Eighty-nine more 'random' circles! and I know from experience that is a LOT of crochet circles. I also realised that meant that I was only half way through. Half! oh my...

So for now it's been tucked away safely in it's little box, but I can already tell that it won't be long until it's all about circles around these parts. Again.

progress check


it looks pretty and is so soft for little toes

Friday, 12 March 2010


autumn how i love thee

Over the last few months I've noticed that I've lost my photo-mojo; I still like taking photographs, but I've just found that I haven't felt the urge to reach for my camera quite so much. Days go by and I realise that I haven't taken any photo's at all.

making 'milky-shakes'

Last week it dawned on me that my children's childhoods are slipping away, and I'm forgetting to capture the passage ~ I vowed to take at least one photo, each day, of each of them. Even if they never get 'published' at least I will be able to see the changes that happen over time, and remember so many of the beautiful moments that make up these special years.


and do you know what happened?

what a show off!

I'll tell you what happened; I found myself reaching for my camera more and more, and I found myself enjoying so many more of our moments throughout our very busy days. I found more things to like about my children.

second breakfast

I found more pleasure in the daily activities that fill our days, and I remembered, more often, to pause and recognise what a beautiful life I have right now. {including these amazing tomatoes from my mother-in-laws garden, so, so sweet ~ thanks Jan}


I found myself taking more time to enjoy the simple things, sitting on the ground, reading stories to my children. Finding the perfect shade of felt to finish a project in time for Easter, then finding the perfect shade of thread in my stash to match the felt; and because I stopped to photograph my threads, I felt so very grateful {again} that my Mum decided to update her DMC stash, and therefore donate her old stash to me.

post dinner planning
[photo by Cam]

and because I've taken all of these photos of my day, not only to I appreciate just how tired I am in the evening, but I appreciate that I can look back {albeit briefly} and remember some of the special moments that made up my day today.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Comments are now closed ~ and the winner is....



Kyrie, could you please email me your postal address and your new teatowels will be winging it to your house quickity-quick.


the devil

I think that most of my tea-towels should have reached their new homes safely, so here they are! {albeit they are very difficult to photograph, I am thinking that they don't get out of bed for less then $10,000?}

is in the detail

I am quite the fan of the written word, so I knew that I wanted some sort of text upon my offering. As it turns out it was quite apt wording, if I didn't have it reassuring me during the printing process that "nothing in life is impossible" I am sure that I would have thrown in the towel {pun intended}... as it turned out, not only were they possible, I think that they turned out quite nicely.

the big reveal!

So nicely, that I made a companion!


and just because I haven't had quite enough of these tea-towel shenanigans, I am having a giveaway. I am offering not only one of my 'swap' tea-towels, but also it's companion too.

packaged, for?

All you have to do to be in the running is simply leave a comment on this post! All welcome, and remember past giveaways on my little blog have received a mere 17 or so entries, so you are all in with a very good chance!!

anything is possible

Entries will close at midday {melbourne time} on Thursday 18 March 2010.

ps: non-bloggers are welcome to enter too, also family, friends, lurkers... one in, all in.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

making me happy

where the other fairies slept last night

My garden makes me happy, I love the way that it is all symetrical, I love that everything is in it's place, I love that all of my plants are growing, and I especially love that when I walk up the ramp from the front door, I can see the toadstools popping up. What I then love is that leads us to many chats, while sitting at the edge of the garden bed, about fairies. I told Angus that the fairies slept underneath the toadstools at night, and he informed me {in no uncertain terms} that "No. The fairies sleep on the tops of the toadstools Mum." Ah, I stand corrected, of course no civilised fairy would like to sleep on the damp ground. Ah ha.

where the fairy's took shelter from the rain

However, this morning upon sighting this particular toadstool, I am quite certain that more than one fairy may have spent the night here, under the toadstool, sheltered from the dew. In fact, I think that they may have even partaken in a little partying?... no?

broccoli, beets & carrots

In the other garden bed we clearly only attract worker fairies {or other worker wot-nots} because this garden is all about produce. My beets are flourishing, my broccoli and onions are looking ravashing, and my carrots?

carrots waiting for thinning...

.... my carrots have taken off like lightning. I really, really need to thin them, but my Perpetual Moon Calendar tells me that I have to wait until Friday. I can't wait. See it's the small things that keep my both happy and sane {arguable of course!}

lettuces and

This is the other side of the same bed, leek seedlings {most of them germinated, and I am like a proud mama duck}, lettuce and spinach.

All good, and all making me very happy.