Monday, 31 January 2011

In the garden :: Part I - strawberries

sweet bounty

As much as I love heading down the coast for a month each year, I have to say that I knew that I was going to miss my garden this year. So much that I actually snuck back to Melbourne, twice, just for a day trip each time, so that I could observe, tinker and tend to my bourgeoning garden. There was a little fertilising to be done, some pruning and tying, and a little eating too.

enjoying the spoils

When I did finally get home, and back to my garden, there was lots of work to be done, hours and hours in fact. Mostly I did enjoy it, although I will admit to a little 'tomato stress' but more on that later...

The first job was to tend to my strawberry plants, partly because there was some lovely, ripe, juicy fruit {with much thanks to my Uncle who watered my garden {amongst other things} throughout the time that we were away} providing incentive for my little helper to come and join me.

harvest help

With so much rain this season, I was not surprised to find quite a bit of fruit rotting on the plans, so we had two tubs on the go. One of the tubs was for the runners that needed removing, and the fruit that had gone past it's best, but still made a great addition to the compost heap; the other tub was for the ripe fruit, while plentiful, didn't last more that five minutes once it was harvested from the plants... my kids made off with it and devoured the lot in a couple of minutes {very similar, I believe, to the way that they ate your blackberries Dad)


I will confess though, before you think me an exceptional gardener, my other strawberry patch, the one where I planted the runners way back in August, is a disaster. The strawberries are just running amok, literally, there are runners everywhere, down the side of the bed, all through it, and none of them are fruiting, not a bloody one. On top of that my herbs are out. of. control... and on the whole, I am still ignoring that bed, it needs quite a bit of work. Maybe next week?

Meanwhile, I'm going back out to see if I can find another little red gem.