Wednesday, 19 January 2011

summer holidays :: after the children fall asleep


Many a night, after the kids are safely tucked up in bed, Cam will grab his backpack and rod and head off into the night. His earphones wedged in {listening to the latest tune that he needs to learn} he sets off to {sit} on his rock and catch us some fish. The tide has to be just right, and he fishes from his secret spots {some of them divulged from more experienced fishermen who don't have the cartilage to get out there much anymore, but are hoping to enjoy the spoils just the same}.

I never get an invite. It's his time, away from the noise and stress of camp, a place to recharge and replenish his soul. I get that.


So I was quite surprised when he asked me to join him; really both of us don't see me as the 'girlfriend type' who will sit on a rock and watch her husband fish. I don't eat fish {although this summer I finally tried some again and it wasn't too bad} so I don't see the point of dropping a line in myself.

I asked him why exactly he wanted me to come?... In years gone by we've spent many an evening going for a walk around the property or along the beach after the kids have gone to bed. This year that didn't happen. I think that I was just so 'done' after a very busy year, and most evenings I would be in bed before dark, watching a movie on my ipod or reading a book; so he thought that it would be nice to have some time together.

sunset fishing

So out I traipsed, I even sat on a rock for a while and watched him fish, maybe even commentating a little, and reading my book. Then I got jack of that and headed off to make my own fun. A walk along the beach, checking out the tunnel {and trying to decide if the kids are old enough to treck this far down the beach}, more photos, and eventually playing in the beach pebbles...

playing in the rocks

A little late I know, but a happy new year to ya'all... {and a big Happy Birthday to you too Robyn!!}