Thursday, 27 January 2011

summer holidays :: all good things come to an end

free to run

Our summer holidays are quickly drawing to a close, even though I'm ready to go home, it's still hard to leave this place. The nights spent listening to the waves rolling in, the wind through the trees, the dog snoring under my bed, my kid sleeping a meter away from me grumbling in his sleep, the freedom to roam, to play in our very own creek, to catch butterflies, to climb trees, to collect pine cones, to see beautiful wild animals roaming free, to walk to any number of different beaches, and not see another soul...

running & splashing

enjoying the warm water

swimming in the shallows

the best tidal pool

We took our last trip to the beach today, and it could not have been more perfect. The tide was really, really low, and had left a tidal pool just perfect for littles to swim in. The sun had warmed to water so it was more like a salty bath, and they splashed and 'swam' and ran between the breakers and the pool for an hour or more. The time just flew by.

teeth chattering cold

warming up in the sun

Eventually the excitement died down and the chill set in, and it was a pale and shivering daisy that emerged from the water to be rugged up in a couple of towels and sat in the sun while I plied her with popcorn. We then played in the sun until their skin was lovely and warm again, a quick dip, and it was time for our final goodbye to the beach {for this summer at least}

last walk home {for this summer}

and back to camp via the very well beaten track...