Sunday, 16 January 2011

summer holidays :: climbing the trees

tree climbing

Someone {who shall remain nameless} was adamant that the gum trees around our camp would not, could not, fall over because of the large pine trees that are planted at their base. Sure they are all rather, um, leaned {?} but the pine is holding their roots in place, so that definitely can not fall.

showing me his tricks

Um, well, the tree could not have been listening, because the very next day I glanced down the hill to see a very low tree {as in fallen sideways, but not quite yet, on the ground} Just leaning? Yeah, right!?!

she can climb too

It didn't take them long to discover that it was pretty good for climbing, and they spent the much time playing... at least they can enjoy it until someone gets around to cutting it up for firewood.

ps: have you noticed that Daisy's not getting her mug on the blog much lately....

such a happy face... not!

It's got much to do with this 'happy face' that she pulls whenever I point to camera in her direction. Hoping this will pass soon.