Monday, 10 January 2011

summer holidays :: just walkin'

let's go for a walk

triple trouble

Some days we just hang around camp, read magazines, shoo the kids away, and then tell them off for going to far, or getting up to mischief. Some days it would be nice to take a holiday from this parenting gig... no reflection on them, or really on ourselves, just life. Some days we just need to get up, get out, get walking, and change our energy.


collecting firewood

They are always glad of an outing, even though they don't really see the point of 'just going for a walk'. In their minds their has to be a reason, or a destination... so they set about making their own, and collecting some firewood for Grandpa's fire {I'm not sure that he even got it in the end, but hey, they were having fun}

best buddies

and by the end of our walk, we were all feeling a lot happier with each other.