Sunday, 2 January 2011

summer holidays :: on your marks... get set...

on your marks... get set...

When we first arrived at the camp this year, we had a little 're-think' about the way that we've been helping Angus to master the art of bike riding... up until now Cam has taken to running along behind Angus, holding on to the back of the bike seat, and encouraging Angus to pedal. pedal. Pedal!

I watched my lovely and patient husband, pushing my entitled and none-to-gracious son, around the round-about at the camp, and on the spot I decided enough was enough. It was not having the desired result {ie: boy mastering the art of balance and pedaling} and I could see Cam doing himself a back injury or pinging a hamstring.

So I jumped on Cam's mountain bike and proceeded to demonstrate to Angus {rather loudly, and none to gracefully} how to carreen down a hill by pushing off with your feet then sticking your legs out either side. "Look Angus, no pedals and lots of balance" I also demonstrated what to do when you start to fall to one side "Look Angus, you just touch your foot to the ground and push yourself back to the balance position"...

His response?

He threw his helmet and his bike to the ground and huffed off! {note him getting set to race on his trike, and me all set on his little bike}

and go!

We've been having races down the hill, trying to demonstrate to him just how much fun riding a bike is, and how easy it is to balance on his bike {and go fast} with no training wheels and not using the pedals.

loving it

As with most things, it will take Angus a while to build up the confidence and get on board, but in the meantime, the rest of us are having a blast.