Tuesday, 4 January 2011

summer holidays :: one fish, two fish...

my view from the bank

Something different today, instead of heading to the beach we headed down to the creek. It took us a while, but we did find ourselves a lovely little spot, with sandy banks on which to sit, to wade in the shallows and catch some little fish.

tiny river trout

We told the kids that they were 'taddies' but really they are tiny river trout, very, very small, and fast to boot.

very still

They waded around for a while, but finally figured out that for the fish to come near, they had to be still and quiet...

you have to be very quiet

of course, I had to be very quiet too {camera clicking is much too loud, apparently!}

watching and waiting

and eventually they got their catch...

their catch...

all up, three little fishies.

When we were done we made the call to return their hard won catch back into the creek. This was not taken gracefully, but in the end even they could see that the fish would be happier swimming in their creek, and not stuck in a jar at our camp. Of course that also meant that we could come back an catch them again another day.

'riding' back to camp
{'riding' back to camp on the big bike}