Sunday, 23 January 2011

summer holidays :: time with friends

water play is better with friends

We were lucky enough to have friends join us for a weekend of camping fun. After nearly four weeks of our own company it was very exciting to have someone new to hang out with, talk with, and show the sights; and not just me either, the same applied to the kids!

joining in...

sandals and sand

We took an outing to the 'surf' beach with Mia in tow, and I was reminded again why we've been doing most of our beach visits while she has her daytime sleep; I mean, really, look at that hair. I've also discovered that my baby is a 'bolter', one word from me and she cracks her cheeky grin and runs the other direction. She's getting pretty fast too.

Normally the bolting is okay, but on the beach, fully dressed {including leather sandals} it didn't take long for my nerves to fray...

the long path home

... doesn't look like Mia was all that concerned though, and she happily walked back to the gate {where our seventies-mobile* was waiting}


Thank-you my friend, for coming to visit. We had a blast and are quite relieved that you came through the experience unscathed. See you on the flip side.

* seventies-mobile is the nickname given to our 2008 Ford Focus as it was used** to cart beach gear, kids and grown-ups alike all around the property. Kids on laps, or hanging out the window feeling the wind in their hair... just like living in the seventies.

** because there was no way that my shiny black 4wd was getting a scratch on it, or getting sand and dirt through the interior. I'm precious like that.