Saturday, 8 January 2011

summer holidays :: water play

head dripping fun

{pretend} hair washing

It was one of those days today, warm enough that you know you should be at the beach, but also warm enough to now want to sit in the blasting sun on the beach... so the next best thing? pull out the wading pool, fill it with water and send the kids in.

There was much jumping in and out, splashing and dunking of heads, but when the fun ran out... who stepped in?

running under the sprinkler

Grandpa of course.

We have two creeks that run through the property, so we are not even being 'wallies' with water here... we pump from one, the kids get to play under the sprinkler, the water runs off and down the hill into the other creek, and then further down-stream both creeks merge to run into the ocean.

We are thinking that next year, if it is as wet as this year has been {ie: so that the creeks are actually running} we are going to set up a slip-and-slide down the hill. Now how fun with that be?