Friday, 28 January 2011

We're home... in more ways than one.

she wanted a fringe

We're home. A day pottering around dismantling some infrastructure {like the 4 man dome tent that served as a play room}, an evening gathering our things from near and far, and a morning of packing and loading up the cars and trailer. We were ready to hit the road at half-past-ten... not too bad really.

Our drive home was safe, although not without a few scares {namely some moron who pulled across the front of Cam to pull over on the wrong side of the road, with Cam coming towards him at 100km/h....!) and the kids descended on our house like they had been totally toy deprived for a month. It kept them busy while we unpacked.

so she did it herself

... or so I thought.

I looked at Daisy about an hour {or so} after arriving home and thought to myself, gee she looks like I used to. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I jerried as to why; she was sporting a very short fringe {just like to one that I had in grade five}.

Turns out there was one stray pair of scissors in the house {that Angus had received for Christmas} and she'd decided to give herself a haircut {and hide the evidence under the couch}. Of course I did my block at her, but later {much later} after I'd evened it up a bit, I could recognise that it does look quite nice. The chunk out of the side can be pulled back with a pretty hairclip, and the short length of the fringe really does suit her.

.... and she saved me ten bucks at the hairdresser, so really I can't complain too much.