Thursday, 10 February 2011

first day of school

our first school child

We're here, after a rather over-excited morning {the kids, not us} we dropped him off for his first day of school...

He woke up this morning and ate a good breakfast, just like I had told him he would need to, then he got into his school uniform {that was put away in it's place in his cupboard, there was no laying it out ready} without any help, he just went to his room and got dressed. Two hours before we were due to leave the house.

There was much asking if it were time to leave yet, and how much longer, and when are you going to pack my lunch... so eventually after I had my shower and got dressed {a little bit fancy, you know, gotta be in the photo's and all} I packed his lunch and snack box, and showed him where everything was. Then he took his boxes and slid them into their spots in his school bag.

When it was finally time to go, he picked up his school bag and slung it onto his back, made his way out to the car and got in. No whining, no nerves, just ready to go to school.

We got there with plenty to spare, and made our way to the classroom {stopping while another Mum took our family photo... sweet!}

We had a 'moment' on the precipice of entering the classroom, where Angus froze up a little {pretty much every kid was already in the room, and it was a little overwhelming} but with a teeny-tiny bit of coaxing, we made our way into the 'bag room' and found his name, deposited his bag and took out his art smock, library bag, and box of tissues {apparently preps use a lot of tissues} then we put his stuff where required and went and sat him down at his chair.

settled in

He seemed to be doing okay, so I said goodbye, and reminded him that I would be there to pick him up after school. His Daddy said goodbye, and Angus' little arms snaked up and gave him a big hug {and yes, the tears welled in my eyes a little bit here}

saying goodbye

and we made our way out of the room. Leaving our big school kid to enjoy his first day*.

I think I'm okay.

* and I've only just realised that I forgot to pack some {spare} clothes in his bag, so hopefully he's okay too.