Wednesday, 9 February 2011

grown-up chocolate chip biscuits

grown-up choc chip biscuits

I was going to write about the {really quite} fascinating ant farm that Angus got for christmas, and populated on the weekend {the one that I was very dubious about having in my house} but the inhabitants seem to be having a confused dilemma on whether to survive or not... so, considering that it's not all "wow's" and recommendations, I'm going to save that one until we see how it pans out.

Instead, I'm going to share the. most. amazing. {grown-up} chocolate chip cookie recipe love!

I was introduced to these cookies, and the gorgeous trotski-ash website by the beautiful Bianca from Sadie & Lance fame {who I had the pleasure of meeting at sewjourn a while back}... and at the time I made a mental bookmark to make these myself.

I opted to impress my friends, so I pulled out all the stops, they were made with Demerara sugar, maldon sea salt, and Lindt 70% chocolate. Need I say more?

for sharing with friends

I made one batch for a play-date in the morning, and then another batch for knitting* last night... then there is a heap of dough in the fridge for freezing for later.

All I can say is, do it! These are the most sophisticated ccb's that I have ever eaten, the dough is sweet and syruppy {flavoured}, the chocolate not so sweet, and the salt that is sprinkled on top is the perfect end note to each mouthful. Bliss. Truly.

You can find the recipe right here.

* when I say 'knitting' I actually mean sewing, talking, teaching, blog surfing, and magazine/cookbook reading... just so you know.