Tuesday, 1 February 2011

In the garden :: Part 2 - Potatoes

out of control

Back in December, after the broad beans were finally finished, I found a spud in the compost bin that had sprouted, otherwise know as a chit. I rescued him and planted him in bed no. 2... then I invited his mates to come and join the party.

On one of my sneaky trips back I caught up with a friend of mine, with the sole purpose of acquiring his stash of chits... even as we planted the bed out, he was laughing at me "you are going to have so many potatoes, are you sure you know what you're doing"

Well hell no! but isn't that the fun of gardening?... the experimentation?... the journey?... the result?... the lessons?

mounding in progress

On my return I discovered that all of the chits had grown, and they were ready for mounding, more than ready really... I emptied my compost bin {the one that had been resting for 6+ weeks} and then I used another two bags of store-bought compost, and I still needed much more.

The solution, or so I thought, came from digging the soil out of my other big garden bed. Half the bed has nothing in it right now, and so I transferred it over to the spuds, mounding around each plant.

and still it wasn't enough.

and I had a big hole in the other bed.

more soil required

... ta da! Amazing, patient, hard-working, easily convinced, husband to the rescue {thanks honey!} and I had another square meter of soil to fill in the hole, and finish mounding the spud plants.

and this is what they look like now...

potato mounds

I've mulched to top with lucern, partly to assist with water retention in the soil, but also to help stabilize the soil as it's piled so high above the level of the garden beds. I'm hoping in the end all the effort will we worth it though, with many of these to harvest and share.

first peek