Wednesday, 2 February 2011

In the garden :: Part 3 - Tomatoes

out. of. control.

As to be expected I guess, my tomatoes were out. of. control. upon my return. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that in my absence my Uncle had built a new net over the garden bed {how lucky am I?}; much better than the one that I'd done originally. It is also very, very high... even so, it's possibly not high enough to completely contain these ginormous tomato plants.

I'm not sure that you can tell from the picture above, but there was so much foliage and the stems were all over the place, falling down, or growing up another plant. I knew that it needed cutting back, but where? and what should I sacrifice.

I spent a couple of hours in there, cutting, tying, trying to untangle it without damaging the plant too much. I swear I had 'tomato stress'; was I cutting the right bits, was a trashing the whole plant, was I cutting enough.

looking promising

When I finally lay down to sleep that first night all I could see was tomato stems, and that middle growth that you're supposed to pinch out {or in the case of overgrown tomatoes, cut out with the secateurs} and still they weren't done.

I spent more time with them, tying stakes to the garden bed edges, because the plants are so heavy that they are pulling the stakes over. I cut off more new growth, and sacrificed more of some plants because they had bent over and been damaged.... and finally harvested the first of my tomatoes.

eye spy

first of the season

hmn .... powdery I think

I've gotta say, I was a little disappointed. It was on the powdery side, which I really shouldn't be surprised about considering that they've only been watered daily and have been spending {obviously} a lot of energy in growing extra limbs that they probably didn't need.

Hopefully now that I've trimmed off the excess, and started feeding them {weekly liquid fertilizer, and fortnightly, generous lashings of potash, according to this book} hopefully the new ones will be better.