Friday, 4 February 2011

[twenty] months


I can't believe you're twenty months, I thought for a week there that you were twenty-one [months] but then I realised that it was still another four months until your birthday, so I got out my fingers and had another count. So twenty months it is.

That's the thing with you as my third child, I love and adore you, but the details?... sometimes things get missed {like daytime sleeps, immunisations, gift ideas} but it's ok, you seem to be coping just fine.


Getting away this Summer and spending time with your 'extended' family {Nanna, Grandpa, Aunty R} and Daddy, seemed to do you the world of good. You always had someone to ask for a cuddle, or to push you on the swing, or feed you biccies and dip, or teach you new words {your new favourite game}.

All of a sudden you have so many words, it's like your mouth just figured out how to make all of those sounds, and you've been listening for so long and now you can try them all out... many times a day you point to your various body parts and tell me, nose, eye, hair, ear, {knashes teeth together}. You know where your hands are, knees, legs, feet, fingers, bottom and tummy. You can say wring {for the ring on my finger}, Dink {drink}, bix, max, pa pa {grandpa} and so many more. Won't be long until your talking at me too.

glitter alphabet

Now that we're home again, you get left to your own devices a little more {'cause it's a bit safer here at home} and I often find you sitting quietly entertaining yourself, sometimes a book {this glitter one was Daisy's favourite when she was little too} or tucked away in the bigger kids room playing with cars or dolls. Sometimes I just sneak my head around the door and watch you, then sneak away with you none-the-wiser.


Not one to be solitary though, you are usually trying to mash yourself right into the middle of whatever the bigger kids are doing, and you are usually successful. They are very patient with you, and you really do think that you are three {not one} keeping up with their climbing, or building {if they don't like you playing then they just pick you up and place you elsewhere, something that you find quite rude}. Mostly, they seem to just accept you as a part of the pack, and just accept that you are a part of it with them.

Angus, particularly, still loves to make you laugh, whether it be with funny faces, or peek-a-boo games, you give him endless opportunities by obliging with your easy grin and your funny ways. Daisy still likes to look after you, and will try to end to get a hairclip to stick in your barely-there-hair, or beg me to put a 'whale-spout' in the top of your hair.

Me, I just love having you with me {hence a very late withdrawal from childcare this year} and I'm very looking forward to having some 'us' time this year...