Saturday, 5 March 2011

at the fair

taken with my iPhone 4

A big thank-you to my sister staying the night at my place last night, and providing me with just the reinforcement that I needed {ie: 2 adults : 3 kids being much easier than 1 adult : 3 kids} to brave the local, annual strawberry fair this morning.

It was fun. We lucked a car-park, wended our way in via the play-ground, bought some strawberries and biscuits {which the kids ate while I tried to talk them out of the rides}{didn't work!}, watched while they partook in a few rides, watched while Daisy patiently waited at the face-painting stand, then confidently asked the lady to paint her face as a butterfly, then sat beautifully while it was done, then got up, looked in the mirror and beamed "beautiful!".

We played in the play-ground a little more, then bribed the kids to exit with a bag of lollies, play-ground quickly on the way to the car, and home in time for lunch.

It's the first year that we've attended. Total spent $32.00. I'd probably do it again next year. They'd definitely like to do it again next year.