Tuesday, 22 March 2011

counting down

counting calories

After much talk and a few trial runs, I think I am finally sick of feeling like crap and of lugging around these post baby kilos. So I've been doing a little something about it... Last week I loaded a little calorie counting app to my iphone, and it's been an excellent tool to keep me on track each day.

I find that it's easy to eat a slice of bread laden with butter and peanut butter when no one is looking {or two, or three!} or have eight or nine cups of tea {with two sugars in each} throughout the course of a day... and then be-moan, "why can't I lose a little weight?"... "is it because I'm getting older?"... "why doesn't it just drop off like it used to?"

I've used a food diary before, but never been bothered counting the calories, so it came as a bit of a shock once I started using my little app. It soon became blatently apparent why the weight wasn't shifting. It's a fairy simple equation, energy in must be less than energy out to lose weight, and my calorie dense diet was far from that. Now I'm sort of surprised that I'm not bigger that I am!?!

So I've been using this approach since last Thursday {a very short while} but all other attempts have failed after one measly day, so I am pretty chuffed that I am on day 6 and am starting to see some results {ie: less tummy bloat} I have also cut down my tea intake, because at 60 calories a cup, it's not doing me any favours.

Also, I'm sure I've mentioned in this space that I've been feeling a little tired?... so last week I went off to the doctors to have my bloods done. I got a call to go back and see her, so this morning I did just that. It turns out that while I am not {yet} anaemic, my iron stores are really depleted*. I think my number was 22 and they should be 30-200, so while not dire, it could explain the lack of energy. When I asked, she also told me that drinking that much tea will be blocking my bodies absorption of both iron and calcium. So hopefully the benefits of cutting back my tea intake will be two-fold.

* edited to add ~ while my diet is on the improve, I don't think cutting my tea will be enough, so for the short term I have opted to take a course of iron supplements to balance things up, with a plan to include more leafy greens and some more red meat in the longer term.