Monday, 21 March 2011

some little things...

As always life is chugging along over here, boring un-bloggy stuff {read: cleaning, dishes, more cleaning, laundry, kinder runs....etc}. I don't have a lot to say in the space right now, have a cuppa with me and I'm sure to have plenty, but writing it down to an empty room?... not so much.

Some little things that have been happening ...


A morning spent on my own, shopping at the garden store for some succulents, and dirtying my hands in a little soil. All so nourishing for a tired Mama, sorely in need of some ME time. Something that we are working on {again!} this time I've told him exactly what I need. ME time, every weekend for a few hours. It's in the diary, scheduled so it will happen. Something to look forward to, something to help fill my cup. You know how it goes.


We've been doing this regularly, the bread is simple, and it's good. We make it in the traditional way, kneading, proving, kneading, shaping, proving and baking. It's about a dollar a loaf {hence why we're making our own} and tastes excellent. If you want to have a go yourself, I found this recipe via The $120 Food Challenge blog.


We've been and registered Angus for this years Auskick {he's finally old enough this year} and he was super-chuffed with the backpack, footy and swap cards. It's awesome value, and we're looking forward to getting a little more involved in our community. Not quite ready to become a volly yet, but maybe next year?!?



pretty as a daisy

and last {but of course, not least} we braved the local festival this weekend {thanks Mum for stepping in for the absent husband} and hit the face-painting stand again, the animal nursery, and oohhed over the size of the camels... then we played on the cheapest ride {the local slide} before heading home for food and rest.

A good weekend for sure.