Thursday, 24 March 2011

teeny tiny tea leaves


Isn't it amazing how you can look at your kids all day long and never really see some of the details and traits that make them who they are?... I was just looking at some photos that I took of Mia this morning, and realised that she often has her hands folded just like this. It's not something that I ever noticed, until I looked at the photos, then I realised that yes, she does this a lot. What an old soul.


Of course the reason for the photos was the cardi... This one has been on the needles for a very long time, and perseverance {and winter looming} was why I put in the big yards to bring it on home.

I haven't felt like knitting of late, I can't crochet because of a 'thingy' on my finger that is slowly being rectified, and I can't be bothered sewing {although I did make two more summer tops that I never showed in this space}. Not that I need to be doing any of these things, but my life is just very full right now with other stuff... stuff like family time, cooking {cumquat jam, yum!}, cleaning, reading, and surfing {internet. obviously!}


But I did {finally} finish it, and it looks just as perfect on her as I imagined. The colour matches her eyes perfectly, and the design? well I loved it on Daisy and I love it on Mia.

Now I'll just wait on patiently and see where inspiration strikes...