Tuesday, 8 March 2011

When Barb came to town....

{image by Barb Uil, Jinky Art. with permission}

I've been keeping something a little quiet, something that we had a lovely time doing while we were away over Summer, something that we will treasure forever. Something that I can finally show you a little sneak peek of... We had a {very fun} photo session with the amazingly talented Barb Uil from Jinky Art.

I tried to book a session with her in the Summer of 2009 {when Mia was 6 months} but you have to get in quick, and we missed our chance that time... so I popped our name on the wait-list for this Summer gone. When the time came to come up with some locations and ideas on what we wanted from our session, then only thing that I could think of was "wouldn't it be excellent if Barb would come to our beach". I couldn't come up with anything else until a ruled that option out, but when I asked the question {and gave Barb a little of Cam and my story} she was all too happy to trek on down the coast. Awesome!

The session itself was fun, we dragged Barb around to our favourite little corners of the property, and bumped around the paddocks in our little car, and showed her our {faux} private beach {well there is like, never anyone else on it} and all the while she took lots {and lots} of photos.

Then she worked her magic, and came up with about 80 photos for us to choose from {which of course we've done, and I'll be sure to show you when we get them} but in the meantime, you can have a look here at her write up.