Saturday, 9 April 2011



We've been pretty keen to get involved in our local auskick this year, not so much because we are a 'footy family' but mostly because it's such a good way for the whole family to be involved in something healthy, cheap, and community orientated.

So this morning was it. The first one. I tried very hard to keep my expectations realistic and under-control, but as with anything that you've looked forward to, that is easier said than done.

We arrived a few minutes early, so that our kids would have a chance to mingle and settle in {well that was the plan} but it was apparent very early that the only kid that was going to take it all in her stride was Mia, and that wasn't much help to us.

We'd already registered Angus to play a few weeks ago, but we also recently found out that Daisy could also play this year, because her birthday fell 9 days ahead of the cut-off, so in a last ditch effort to get the kids to participate, we registered Daisy on the spot. Again our parently strategy failed, now we had two kids whining, crying and refusing to join the other kids in the footy drills. I could feel myself getting both frustrated and embarrassed, you know how it is, it looks like all the other kids are being angels, and your own are, well, not!

Eventually though, we won through; Cam got involved in helping out with the drills, even though our kids weren't doing them, and sure enough, after a while our kids started to join in.

kicking drill


An hour in, when they gathered all the kids in and gave them a jersey to wear for a game, my kids were hooked. They had a great time, and hopefully will get in on the action a lot quicker next time, especially since we've delivered on our 'bribes' and they now have their footy kit. Angus is a hawk {his own choice}, Daisy a cat {my choice, for her Dad} and my baby is a bomber {just like her Mummy}...

auskick her style

... game on!!