Tuesday, 5 April 2011

flying away

we made it!

It's not every weekend that I get to run away up the coast for a weekend away with not only no kids, but also with my husband... but if there was ever a good reason for it, a ten year anniversary is right on up there. So that is what we did.

We woke up at 3am on Friday morning, very quietly got ready, and snuck out the door to make our 6am flight to Brisbane. Once in Brisbane we picked up our hire car {with a scrape on every panel, so we didn't need to worry about being too careful!} and headed on down the coast to ... ta da ... Byron Bay!

I've been wanting to check out that little coastal town for about eight years now, and we've never gotten around to it. So this was perfect. We spent our first day exploring the quaint little town of Bangalow {while I battled a newly acquired head cold} ducking in and out of the shops, looking at lots of treasures, and sampling the local fare... I think that I had the best pizza ever at the EspressoBar, the texture was divine, and it looked amazing, unfortunately I could not taste it, at all, all taste sensation gone!

our room

our bathroom

feet up bliss

waking up sunday morning

Eventually we'd had enough of our exploring, so we headed to our accommodation an hour earlier than check in time, I so needed to be in our room, out of the public eye, and asleep. We stayed at the Byron at Byron and they were so accommodating, even though we were early. We sat by the pool until our room was ready, sipping tea, and checking out the facilities. Any other weekend, I would have been by the pool, or in it... however, this weekend, I was happy mooching about our suite. I got lots of sleep, could skype the kids on the free wifi, submerged myself in the deep spa bath, lolled about on the recliners reading magazines, enjoyed the peace and quiet, and revelled in the company of my lovely husband.


taking in the sights

Byron Bay Market

entree :: pork belly & scallops

In the other moments, we explored the township of Byron Bay, ate lots of yummy food, contemplated getting a tattoo {well I did, Cam wasn't keen AT ALL} strolled around the monthly market, oohed and aahed at this shop, took a quick spin up to the lighthouse, enjoyed a lovely walk to the beach and a quick walk on it {again my head cold brought us undone, the sun is too bright when your in that state} and bought lots of cookies from here.

Even with our health issues, we both had a great break, and thoroughly enjoyed three full days together, I mean when do we ever get that!

and of course, thank you so much to my Mum and Sister for holding the fort at home... the kids had a lovely time, and we were so grateful for the break.

Now, back to reality.......