Thursday, 28 April 2011

Out! and about


Earlier in the week I was talking to some of my girls about how I find it so hard to take the kids anywhere new on my own. If a friend wanted to meet me at the park, and I hadn't been there before, chances are we would be finding some new plans. If I go anywhere, it's somewhere that I've been before, usually somewhere that I've asked Cam to come along with me so that I can check out the lay of the land, how to get there, where the car parks, where the amenities are, etc.

I was not like this before kids, but since having three of them, I think it's come about because I like to be in control of the outcomes of any situation, and know that I can handle my kids in the environment. It's become very limiting on what we do.

So it was really bizarre when another of my girlfriends rang me last night and suggested that we go to the park, instead of our usual play {at home} date, bizarre because she was not privvy to my conversation earlier in the week, but she suggested that she would come to my place then I could follow her to to park in my car. Clearly she is aware of my inability to just get out there and do it.
friends + bubbles
little rest
chasing bubbleswalk

Of course we had a lovely time, and the kids were beautifully behaved, and the weather was glorious.

... and now, I know one more park that I can visit. Time to keep pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone I'm thinking.