Wednesday, 6 April 2011


how ladylike...

:: a few more sights before I move on... the chandelier in the ladies room of the balcony. I loved this, I walked through the door, saw the pink doors, the multi-coloured light, the flowers and candle on the vanity and thought, how ladylike.

universe, i would like this sugar bowl please

:: this was the sugar bowl on our table, I don't know if the other tables were the same, but now I wish that I had offered to actually buy the sugar bowl. love it. how strange!... so universe, i'm just putting this out there... "I would really, really like a sugar bowl, just like this one"

they looked so good

:: the cake shop down the stairs, I resisted, but only because I was so full from breakfast!
my new hat

:: my new hat, now I can take my hair to a new level of lazy, not only do I like the hat, but I think that I am going to be grateful for it on many a school morning.

:: as you were...