Tuesday, 17 May 2011

are you [P]intrested?

There are so many blogs online that showcase products or looks that the author is interested in, and many of them I subscribe to, but for my space {here} it's never been something that I've been interested in doing. Sometimes I will mention that I have been inspired by a look or product, and sometimes I'll even show a product that I've bought {rarely} but now I've found a space where I can keep track of all the things on the web that I love!

You may have heard of it, you could already be a part of it, or you've heard of it and don't {yet} know what all the hype is about, OR you may not know what the heck I am talking about. Here, let me enlighten you{!}

I am {of course} referring to Pinterest, no longer the new kid on the block, and definitely showing signs that they have moved in and are here to stay.

I began my love affair with Pinterest late last year, but back then mine was a superficial love where I liked her for her pretty looks and where she could take me {aka the all page with a revolving selection of pinned images and the links embeded in them that took me all over the Internet, many places that I'd never been before}

But still I was wary, another online time suck? Could she commit to me as much as I would to her? Would our souls be linked?... I wasn't sure. So for months I saved pictures to my desktop and resisted becoming a member.

Until one day I realised, I had over 700 images in my folder, and I didn't know where most of them came from. I couldn't give due credit, {quelle horreur!}... so I requested in invitation to join...

and now I am all set up and 'populated' and more in love than ever.

To me it is a place to, not only, tap into to a huge amount of {pretty} inspiration, but also a hub to visually file all of my bookmarks. I can see something on the net, 'Pin It' to one of my boards, and then go back later and instantly find the link to that place. For example, I see a recipe online that I want to refer to at a later date, I pin it to my 'to eat' folder, and then when the urge strikes I know exactly which picture to click to link.

Another thing that I've noticed, just watching the 'trends' of what I pin, are some things that {while I know them} become blatantly apparent about my tastes :: if you have a look at my pins you may be surprised to find :: I like a muted colour scheme :: except when it comes to Rainbows {I ♥ rainbows} :: I like words and sayings :: I like the word fuck {a lot} :: I have a thing for food in jars :: and who knows what else...

Either way, come on over, have a look around, request your own invitation, pin away, and be my friend... See you there!