Wednesday, 4 May 2011

a bag for the books

library bag

See, nothing like a deadline to get me sewing... I received a notice home from kinder on Monday advising that library day was starting this week, and considering the library bag that I made for Angus last year {that is still going strong as his library bag at school this year} I knew I had to make one for Daisy too.


I wanted to make something a little more girly for Dais, so this pink japanese (?) fabric came out of the stash {she's already added a few more drawings of her own I noticed this morning!} together with the rest of the black denim from A's bag.


Some tracing and careful sewing later, we had a girly{ish} library bag, personalised with her name... and in the back of my mind all the while I'm thinking, thank goodness our third child only has three simple letters in her name...