Monday, 30 May 2011

A Birthday Party

happy birthday


She turns two during the week, so we celebrated her upcoming birthday with a little family party over the weekend. It was perfect just for her, all of her adoring {and adored} family coming to celebrate her antics. She was in her element.

The preparation for the party {while frenzied at times} was a communal affair; Cam and I had separate 'workstations' in the kitchen, where he cooked up yummy apricot chicken balls, and I whipped up some 32 chocolate cupcakes, a quick clean then it was onto the mars bar crackles while I did the 'ikea' clean and vacuum, and made up the party bags.

The cupcakes were a family affair, I made the cake, the kids iced them and Cam decorated them, and the kids were allowed to eat 1 each before the party.


Shall we just have a little chat about the party girls outfit?... sometime ago I saw this gorgeous creation by Stella McCartney which I've been meaning to make for her, so when I saw a similar tutu for sale in Cotton On kids on Saturday morning, I couldn't help but to grab it. Finding a plain grey hoody was a little more difficult though, so out with the trusty hoody pattern and some polar fleece on Saturday night, and this was quickly whipped up...

sparkly boots

... The gorgeous pair of boots that she recieved from her Aunty were the perfect finish to the outfit... and as you can see she received plenty of clothes {which was the main request} as we have wonderful toys that have been built on over the years, and which {mostly} last the test of time, so while she doesn't want for more toys, the hand-me-downs from her older sister and pretty slim. It was brilliant to receive so many clothes that we can put together into everyday outfits for her.


Thank you to our family who came and brought food, presents and a willing audience. It was so nice to see you all in one place, and of course the older kids were just delighted that they were able to hang out with their cousins again.