Monday, 9 May 2011

competitive vs. being a pleaser

I was standing at my kitchen bench this morning, packing slice for the school prep cake stall, thinking to myself "what is wrong with me?"...

The Afternoon Tea Pack

Let me explain.

Last week a notice came home from school asking parents of prep kids to donate a cake, slice or biscuits to the {fundraising} prep cake stall. The notice stated that 'cupcakes tend to sell best'; well I couldn't be bothered making cupcakes {what with Mothers Day being the day before the stall} so I advised the organiser that I was happy to make a couple of slices ~ she said that was fine, but also pointed out that slices don't always sell very well. I asked her if I should cut them fancy, {like in the cafes' 1x3" rectangles} but she said, oh no, just cut them into the usual chunks {not very fancy at all!}

The Kid Pack

I made sure that I was organised in advance, and dragged the kids off to the supermarket on Saturday {=chaos, noisy chaos} to gather supplies, then once home I promptly forgot about the whole thing... until Sunday night. Mothers Day done {tick} and I'm ready to sit and take a load off until bed time, until I quickly check my schedule for Monday "Prep Cake Stall" {insert expletive here!}

So I spent the remainder of my Sunday night making a double batch of Mars Bar Slice and a Lemon Slice, and making a fine mess of the kitchen too.

I awoke this morning, to 'no healthy food options for school lunches', 'no clean clothes for dressing kid for school', and a kitchen that looked like a tornado had been through; did I jump in a get it sorted?... we sort of, but first... {and this is the part where I found myself questioning "what is wrong with me"}

ready for delivery

I cut each slice into {exactly} 2x2" squares, using my quilting ruler and a large chef knife, then I cut a 2" wide strip of baking paper with my guillotine {again using the quilting ruler}, then I packaged a piece of lemon slice & a piece of mars bar slice together using the baking paper, and tied them up with string. They looked pretty impressive {if I do say so myself} and I just knew that my slices would sell. I wanted to label each one with "The Afternoon Tea Pack" but seriously, it was probably more important to get my kids to kinder/school on time {oh, and dressed and with food on board too} so I had to settle myself with boxing up the slices in a pretty box and adding a label on top.

Seriously! "What is wrong with me?!?*"

* obviously asked tongue-in-cheek! I'm very insightful, I know exactly what is wrong with me, as said by my best friend, you are just a freak, a very nice one, but a freak all the same!