Tuesday, 24 May 2011

a little crafting



I haven't done much sewing of late, so after an evening of surfing around the net {again} looking at pretty things, I decided that it was high time that I actually made something. The kids were all sound asleep, Cam wasn't home, it was the perfect opportunity.

I had just been looking at pictures of bedrooms on Pinterest, and it dawned on me that my orange carpet may just work with a white and grey colour scheme; so I pulled out a gorgeous wool fabric that was languishing in the stash, loaded up the machine, did a few measurements, and voila ~ a cushion for my future bedroom re-do.

Considering that I didn't bother with a zip, I just sewed the cushion insert in {if it ever needs a wash, I'll just unpick that seam} it probably took about half hour all up. Now I can sit back on the couch until bed time, happy in the knowledge that I have something to show for myself today!