Friday, 27 May 2011

make your own juggling balls

juggling balls

Have you ever made your own juggling balls?... we used to make these all the time, way back when I was working for AMP {before I was married} ... Cam and I took a weekend trip to Sydney and at one of the markets was a guy selling juggling balls, we didn't buy any at the time but it did plant the seed and for a long while after we would practice our juggling skills.

Unfortunately my skills have long since dissipated, but when D started asking if we could make some juggling balls I discovered that, yes, I could remember how ::

step 1 :: gather your supplies

step 1 :: gather your supplies :: uncooked rice, balloons, some scissors and a vessel to get the rice into the balloons, we used an empty squeeze bottle with the top removed.

Step 2 :: pour rice into squeeze bottle

step 2 :: fill the bottle to the desired height, this way each ball will be the same size.

Step 3 :: attach balloon & fill

step 3 :: place the balloon over the neck of the bottle, tip it upside down and squeeze the bottle until all of the rice is transferred into the balloon.

Step 4 :: flatten rice into balloon

step 4 :: push the rice in the balloon down, so that it is away from the neck of the balloon. See how it looks squashed?

Step 5 :: cut off balloon lip & neck of new balloon*

step 5 :: cut the entire neck of another balloon {and you will cut the necks off all the balloons from here on}

Step 6 :: hold down balloon 'stem'

step 6 :: hold the neck of the first balloon over...

Step 7 :: cover with new balloon

step 7 :: and stretch the next balloon over it so that they hole ends up on the opposite side of the balloon, effectively sealing all of the rice into the first balloon.

step 8 :: cover with new balloon

step 8 :: repeat stretching another coloured balloon over the ball.

step 9 :: cover with another balloon

step 9 :: repeat with another coloured balloon

step 10 :: cut a few extra small holes

step 10 :: cut a few extra small holes in the next balloon so that the last two coloured balloons will show through.

juggling balls

step 11 :: round out the balls, and there you have it... Juggling Balls

Go on, make some more and learn to juggle. It's fun!