Thursday, 26 May 2011

the minutiae*

home office

home office

I can't remember if I've mentioned 'the computer' in this space; but the kids got a new {to them} computer for christmas last year, as well as a desk for it to sit in the dining room. The idea was that it was a place for them to watch their movies {if someone else wanted to use the television} and an area ready for A to do is homework in the new year.

Well it all went well for the first few weeks, then the computer made a funny noise and ceased functioning. Upon a bit of investigation, we found that the kids had posted a few pencils and a magnet into the empty hard-drive, straight into the motherboard. There really wasn't any coming back from that. So the tower was taken to the doctor, and the peripherals have been sitting on the desk ever since.

Each night after dinner, A sits at the desk with my laptop and does a round of reading eggs, and so the 'the computer' has sat gathering dust. It wasn't until I started to pack it up {to slowly edge it out of the house} that a new level of interest suddenly arose... the girls spent a lovely while playing offices at the table, and when they were done {ie: lost interest and moved onto making other messes} I snuck it away into a cupboard. They haven't missed it yet.

stick me to the wall

Isn't if funny how * so many things happen in a day, and even though I had the presence of mind to grab my camera to record Cam sticking A to the wall, for the life of me, now that I wanted to write up what happened that was so funny, I can't remember. Weird. I'll have ask Cam if he can remember which random comment lead to this crazy moment after dinner last night?