Sunday, 8 May 2011

mother's day & high tea

Happy Mother's day to all of the wonderful mother's out there... I really hope that you were spoilt and cherished on this special day.

high tea

Myself?... I've had a beautiful day, I wasn't expecting a sleep in, but I was grateful that with the kids up at their usual 5:30am, that they weren't fighting. I even dragged myself out of bed to turn the TV on really early so that I could at least spend another hour dozing.

When I did arise, Angus asked me if it was mother's day yet?... then {when 0 more sleeps was confirmed} was off like a shot to bring me my 'present', he had wrapped it himself. While I was opening it, Cam rang from Adelaide to wish me a good morning, and ended up on speaker phone with the kids while I unwrapped layer after layer of A4 and sticky tape. Eventually I found one of A's matchbox cars, and a brochure for a car finance mob; coincidence I ask you, or is he already sick of the new wheels?

After a little prompting, he remembered that he actually had a 'real' present to give me, and I was presented with a big box {that Cam had wrapped and hidden before he left} and a little gift bag...

boots for mother's day

hunter crowd favourite...

in action...

Such special gifts {the first one I knew about as I ordered it from here a week ago} and the second, such a lovely surprise! He made it at school, and you know I may even wear it, I really do like it. The beaded necklace that Daisy made me, seems to have disappeared?... I'm sure that it will turn up in her dress-up box or something similar.

I was then blessed to spend my afternoon with my Mum, my sister, my grandmother and my kids, enjoying High Tea {in my dining room}... it was a beautiful spread {if I do say so myself} and I am now feeling very full of both food and love. I Hope that your day was filled also.