Wednesday, 18 May 2011

on the wall

ikea breakfast $1.95

The littlest and I took a trip into Ikea this morning, and as we were running a touch early {and my tummy was growling} we stopped for breakfast while we waited for the doors to open. The stingy part of me couldn't have been happier, for a mere $4.45 we both had full tummies, and were ready to shop.

After a little indicision, I settled on the Ribba 30x40 frames, 3 in black, 3 in silver & 6 in white, I also grabbed a few smaller ones for the school photos while I was there. Then it was off home, to trim a smidge of the sides of the mats {already fitted to the photos} so that they would fit in these {off the shelf} frames, and load them up.

Wow! Talk about the photos coming into their own once they are in the frame. Delighted would be a good word for how I'm feeling. Oh and sore, my poor fingers after bending all the fixtures at the backs of the frames, then fitting the hanging wires too. Boo! {oh hang on, ikea, cheap... Yay!}

I then spent a considerable amount of time moving three sheets of paper {cut to the size of the frame} around the wall, testing layout positions, and eventually settled on this...

ttv room view


Now I just need to get the big family shot framed, and await delivery of one more print {and paint the lounge room walls} and we may see some more on the wall. Stay tuned...