Tuesday, 10 May 2011

[trying to be] in the garden

potato plant all died back

ready to harvest

I've been watching the foliage on my potato plants die back for the last few weeks, and although I've fossicked out a few of the spuds for various reasons, I was waiting a little longer in the hope that the tubers would grow just a little bit more.

It's reached the point that I doubt they are growing any more and I don't want to waste all of my effort and have the potatoes rot in the ground, so with the weather so mild {fresh, cold but not raining or windy} it was the perfect opportunity to get out and see what was hiding under all of that soil.

[to be continued...]

* and for those of you who wondered how my slice went?... there were rave reviews, it was one of the first items to sell, and I had a few people complement me on it the next day, as well as ask for the recipe... so maybe I'm not crazy after all *wink*