Monday, 16 May 2011

warm arms

warm hands

warm palms

warm arms

arm warmers

I saw a similar pair of arm warmers while out shopping a week or so back, and while they certainly weren't original {i've seen many similar on ravelry and fell in love with the pair that Alice wears in New Moon an eon ago} it took this little push of inspiration to get me straight onto the needles.

The weather has been rather chilly of late, and I love the idea of layering up my usual long-sleeve-tee with a scarf and some arm warmers, so I was quick to take a peek in the stash, find a snuggly ball of wool {straight from the sheeps back too, this one is not dyed, but taken from a flock of dark fleeced sheep} and cast right on... I didn't even do a gauge swatch, I just guessed and then tried them on as I knit, to make sure that I had the right lengths going on.

I am very happy with how they turned out, and wore them layered up this morning. Now back to the needles and onwards with the next article that I want to be wearing as soon as possible....

{top three photo credits belong to Angus!}
{arm warmers and corresponding 'pattern' raveled here}