Friday, 10 June 2011

in the [winter] garden

snow peas

I've been sneaking out into the garden so many times throughout this week, I have seeds sprouting their little heads up everywhere and while I don't know why I find this endlessly fascinating, I have come to accept that I just do. So out I pop, peeking through the netting, trying to figure out why the seeds at one end seem to be coming on just that little bit quicker that the seeds at the other end... is it because the morning sun takes longer to warm up the earth, so the side that it hits first is a smidge colder that the other side of the bed that gets the sun for an extra little bit at the end of the day? {that's it, that's my only theory!}

telegraph pea

pea seedling


I planted two different varieties of garlic this year, Tasmanian garlic that I bought from Bunnings, and two heads of Australian Garlic that I bought from the organic section at my local fruit and veg; the reading that I'd done indicated that because the organic garlic is grown without harmful chemicals, there are no inhibitors to growing it in the home garden. We'll see in six months or so I guess... the Tasmanian Garlic is supposed to be grown in the home garden, so that's a bit of a safety measure, after enjoying the beautiful {three} heads of garlic that I grew last year, I wanted to have more this year. I've planted about 48 cloves which should {magically} grow into 48 heads of garlic for us, fingers crossed.

I also planted red onions again, the ones from last year were sweet and full of flavour, so this year two rows are in, interspaced between three rows of All Season Carrots. After learning the hard way last year not to transplant carrots once they are in the garden, I've direct sewn my carrots, one seed at a time, 10cm apart... also not as recommended, but I have issues with 'thinning' in that I can't decide which one to thin, I mean who am I to decide which seedling looks better than another?, so then I don't thin, and that never works. So this time, I figured that if any any of the seeds didn't sprout, then I could just plant another seed in that spot?... we'll see.

legume supports

My other garden bed, the one that's been providing me with the lions share of peeks, has legumes in it {of course}... I've {well technically Cam} added higher nets to my middle garden bed, which means I could build the support structures that the peas and beans need to grow. I've 2 {going to be 3} wigwams {is that the right word?... three stakes in the ground, joined at the top in a teepee shape} in with a telegraph pea seed planted at the base of each stake, then I have a row of snow peas in, that have trellis to grow up, and another broad bean paddock {same as last year}.

So far, two of the broad beans have emerged, all of the snow peas have sprouted, and four or five of the telegraph peas. It's all very exciting!

daisy's seedlings
{Daisy's pilfered seed experiment...}

On my to do list are a few little jobs though... I have another garden bed in but not quite finished, it needs a few more boards, a little more soil, and netting. Also, I need to green mulch in the 6 or 7 packets of seeds that Daisy planted into it {taken from my seed stash without permission I might add} ~ maybe this long weekend I'll make some time to get out into the garden?