Saturday, 25 June 2011

towards the light

solstice fire

While we enjoyed our experience at the solstice bonfire last winter, we decided soon after that this year we would be having a fire with friends in the comfort of our own back yard. We wanted the kids to get up close and enjoy the heat and ambience of the fire.

So with a lovely group of friends on board, we've spent the last few weeks planning what we wanted to do, we collaborated so that the load was shared, and finally today we implemented our ideas... and it was a light-hearted and fun evening, where the kids all got to enjoy the magic of staying up late{r} and playing outside with their friends in the dark.

making bread 'sticks'

bread dough

bread on the fire

While we didn't have any guest fire twirlers, we did have some fun activities for the kids to do... Nay & Nic brought sticks and dough and helped the kids make 'bread on a stick' which was then cooked on the fire and smothered in butter and syrup to be enjoyed by all.

lantern supplies

lantern lights

making lanterns

making lanterns

Next up was the lantern making... we didn't do the lantern walk last year, but wanted to include it this year. I remember when I was a kid, the idea of walking around, outside, at night was quite thrilling. The kids made an assortment of tissue paper covered jar lanterns, which were lit with an LED tea light, making them not only pretty, but very child friendly too.

lantern walk

For the lantern walk, we all lined up with our lanterns and wended our way down the hill, through the gate, then off across the paddock {with every second kid seeming to fall in a hole, oops} then down through the very long grass until we reached the creek in the gully. I think some of the kids had hoped we would see a fox, but with the sheer volume of noise that 10 kids and 7 adults generated, I don't think there was a fox within a kilometer radius... so while there was no wildlife to be seen, the glowing kids were quite a spectacle.

It was short and noisy, but I think it was a success!?!

around the fire

We spent the rest of the evening overindulging in much food; sausages in bread for the kids; baked potatoes with the lot for the adults; a very enjoyable session making s'mores on the fire {aussie style :: mcvitties digestives, cadbury chocolate & marshmellows}; apple pie with lashings of ice cream and cream; and mulled cider by the fire. oh my stars. too much food. {in a good way, of course}

While this was all happening, I noticed a few cozy corners with a couple of kids tucked in together with a lantern and a glow stick each, having little chats; and then later when it got a bit closer to bed time, there was much running and sillies, with awesome lightsaber activity with the glow sticks.

Ah, it was exactly what we had planned, and I can see this becoming an annual tradition... great friends, fun kids, much food, and the magic of an open fire. Thanks for a great night my friends, well done for making it perfect for everyone!