Friday, 17 June 2011

up ~ and ~ down

inadvertently felted

:: on the down side, our washing machine died

:: on the upside, we acquired an excellent commercial Whirlpool to replace it

:: on the downside our new machine doesn't have a delicate cycle

:: on the upside I am now consistently on top of the laundry in the house, the machine is fast and furious

:: on the downside, the fast and furious in the warm water with wool wash is not very good for looking after hand knits, a fact I discovered after testing what I thought was the delicate cycle... a lot of wrecked knits later....

:: on the upside, if I ever want to do any machine felting, my machine would be perfect

:: on the down side, all {remaining} woollies in the house will now have to be hand washed

:: on the upside, since we are now down two handknits, I had the perfect excuse to order new yarn

:: on the down side, winter may be over before I get around to finishing any of them

:: and so it goes on....

Tiny Tea Leaves
{in remembrance of a lovely cardi that served us well}
{and an admission :: I'm sorry mum, the powder blue jumper that you knitted for Daisy last Easter was also ruined... good thing you just delivered her an updated knit!}